The Kabeedies - Rumpus

Album Review by Ewen Millar | 09 Nov 2009
  • The Kabeedies - Rumpus
Album title: Rumpus
Artist: The Kabeedies
Release date: 9 Nov

The Kabeedies are not a band, they're a collection of new wave robots -seemingly powered by sherbert dip and cherry coke- who bang out pop with such single minded devotion that they turn the two minute foot stomper into an avante garde maelstrom. Singers Katie Allard, Evan Jones and Rory Hill proselytise to the masses via a Futureheads' style call-and-response that venerates their craft into an act of worship of one thing: bouncing. And they do it well- with tracks Lovers Ought To and “Sideburns” acting like lightning rods to get even the sedentary muso feeling the odd muscle spasm in time to the beat. Yes, there have been similar bands with the same ramshackle cheeky-chappy attitude (Good Shoes); yes, perhaps the Campesinos have pushed the male/female cackle into more experimental territory. But for sheer adrenal gland tickling, The Kabeedies have not only synthesised the perfect formula, but they'll make you gladly swallow it.