The Hazey Janes - Hotel Radio

The Hazey Janes sought sunshine and clear skies

Album Review by Sean Michaels | 15 Feb 2006
  • Hotel Radio
Album title: Hotel Radio
Artist: The Hazey Janes

The Hazey Janes sought sunshine and clear skies; they packed up their brollies and set sail for Spain; they recorded breezy pop and beach-blanket pop-punk. They did these commendable things, did them with kindness and good cheer, but good intentions alone do not a great record make. I like The Hazey Janes' glittering guitars and frothy boy-girl harmonies, but the songs walk when they should leap, jangle when they should blaze. Influences are worn on sleeves – Katie Goes glows with Teenage Fanclub warmth, Your Enemy charges with Weezer gusto, - and yet the songs feel diffuse. The sound, melody and lyrics don't quite hold together; like they're following a recipe but can't get the proportions right. The best moments are when recipes are torn up, when the influences aren't so clear, when I hear not a band in a room but lovers dashing breathless for the tram. [Sean Michaels]

Hotel Radio is released on Feb 6.