The Grouch - Show You The World

Album Review by Scott Ramage | 06 Aug 2008
Album title: Show You The World
Artist: The Grouch
Label: Legendary Music
Release date: 11 Aug

They say that fatherhood is a life-changing experience, and from this album, it’s clear that the birth of his daughter has deeply affected Living Legends member The Grouch. From the opening skit, featuring his infant daughter introducing her father, this is a laid-back and playful experience, lined with pithy wit and thought-provoking reflections on the world. Stand-out track Artsy is a scathing attack on the pretentious fakers of this world, whereas other tracks deal with more general problems of society and consumerism. But what saves this from being a lesson in vitriolic anger is the strong soul influence: the frighteningly titled Mom And Pop Killer is based around a warm flute sample and a heartfelt cry, and guest singer Raphael Saadiq’s gentle croon similarly animates Show You The World. The mix of soulful samples and fresh, honest lyrics makes Show You The World a welcome breath of fresh air. [Scott Ramage]