The Frames - The Cost

The Cost is music for the cusp of the maelstrom.

Album Review by Neil Ferguson | 11 Jan 2007
  • The Cost
Album title: The Cost
Artist: The Frames
Label: Anti
With six studio albums to their name, the sounds of The Cost should come as no surprise to fans of The Frames. Gentle acoustics and uplifting melodies cast in a mould of violins and mandolins that, while carrying reverberations of folk, always feels like something so much more. Recorded "live" in a studio somewhere in France, the dynamic changes explored reflect a more expansive and palliative sound that, while maintaining The Frames' archetypes, feels more intimate and personal. Somehow endearing and filled with its own warmth, The Cost is music for the cusp of the maelstrom - still and ruminative and always just waiting to bubble over an edge that it never quite makes it to. [Neil Ferguson]
Release Date: 8 Jan.