The Fast Camels — The Magic Optician

Lifts the eyes toward the lights

Album Review by Ben Howe | 10 Feb 2007
  • The Magic Optician
Album title: The Magic Optician
Artist: The Fast Camels
Label: Neon Tetra

If Glasgow's Fast Camels were a beverage, they'd be a cup of coffee laced with hallucinogens. Alternatively — at times, concurrently — ethereal and driving, their sound can hit you between the eyes and induce headbanging or take those same eyes, lift them towards the lights, and set the brain behind them whirling with swirling, psychedelic mélanges of vocals and instrumentation. In this well-produced debut, one can hear the compositional influence of early Pink Floyd, sweet Byrds-esque harmonies, elements of thematic vastness and darkness reminiscent of The Cure, and the crisp undertow of 60s surf-rock. Yet these are all like well-cited references; The Fast Camels have an original sound all of their own. The album's single, 'Like A Magic Optician' shows what the band can do in the studio. But 'The Hump', with its menacing vocals, tribal drums, incisory riffs and eye-of-the-storm chorus, is where they perhaps shine the most. Then again, the achievement of this cut is no mean feat considering the strength already proven elsewhere on the LP. [Ben Howe]

Release Date: 12 Feb.