The Cosmic Dead – Easterfaust

Album Review by Bram E. Gieben | 27 Mar 2014
  • The Cosmic Dead – Easterfaust
Album title: Easterfaust
Artist: The Cosmic Dead
Label: Paradigms Recordings
Release date: 7 April

Glasgow's The Cosmic Dead are the real deal, and have been trading in the kind of tweaked-out, acid-drenched, sprawling riffage so currently in vogue for four years. On Easterfaust, two extended, 20-minute jams recorded live and issued on a limited-edition vinyl, they serve up a powerful reminder of the darker side of psych-rock.

Part 1 begins sedately, a minor-chord riff gilt with buzzing, drifting solo playing. At about 8 minutes, a passage of rumbling static plunges into a driving riff with howling guitar riding propulsive drums, evincing the band's krautrock leanings. Reverb-heavy vocals eventually begin to coast over the top, channeling the lizard-cool of Jim Morrison, culminating in a riot of noise and feedback.

Part 2 tears straight into the riffs, the phased guitar coiling and snapping like a caged conger eel, the band showcasing some hypnotic, tightly-locked rhythmic playing. A mind-manifesting blast of authentic psych-rock from some of its modern day masters – essential. [Bram E. Gieben]

Playing Glasgow's Bar Bloc on 17 Apr