The Broken Family Band - 'Balls'

We're all fucked up on the booze and the drugs is their motto

Album Review by Milo McLaughlin | 16 Apr 2006
Album title: 'Balls'
Artist: The Broken Family Band
Label: Field
You get the impression that the Broken Family Band heard Jimmy Buffett's 'Why Don't We Get Drunk' and decided it would be fun to record a few comedy-tinged country songs of their own. Then, to their surprise, they found that they were very good at it indeed, that their own attempts stood up there with the best of the genre. This was such a natural process that their other influences (indie pop and ballsy punk rock - as the album title suggests) began to creep in and so did genuine emotion. "We're all fucked up on the booze and the drugs" is their motto, but it's the sardonic dialogue between lovers that works best, especially on the male-female duet (with Piney Gir) Alone in the Make-Out Room which also boasts beautiful country slide guitar. You wouldn't believe it from the broad American singing accent of songwriter Steven Adams, but they're from Cambridge, England. [Milo McLaughlin]
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