The Black Keys - Chulahoma

Orgasmic glue-tight rock n' roll, in grinding, gritty and hypnotic blues

Album Review by Chris Nordeng | 16 May 2006
  • Chulahoma
Album title: Chulahoma
Artist: The Black Keys
Label: Fat Possum
Born in 1927 in Hudsonville, Mississippi, David 'Junior' Kimborough went on to be a guitar-legend, spawn 36(!) children and much later turn a young man's life so badly upside down that he decided to drop out of college and dedicate his life to the blues. Dan Auerbach is the man in question and he went on to form The Black Keys, a band that has been recognized as one of the most artificial blues-rock bands around. So the tribute paid to the late Junior is this six-track cover album that differs itself a good bit from the duo's previous offerings with orgasmic glue-tight rock n' roll, immersed in grinding, gritty and hypnotic blues that serves the purpose well. If you want your blues to scream 'Lawd! Have mercy on mah poor white ass!' instead of 'Are you gonna be my girl and ring my doorbell please?', this is something to check out. [Chris Nordeng]
Chulahoma' is out on May 1.