The Black Heart Procession - Spell

The songs begin to blend together

Album Review by Keir Hind | 16 May 2006
  • Spell
Album title: Spell
Artist: The Black Heart Procession
Label: Touch & Go
You could probably guess it from their name, but the Black Heart Procession are a rather gloomy band. Gloomy doesn't necessarily mean bad, and 'Spell' does have its good points. The production on the album is incredibly good, with a dense sound made up of layers of instruments which gives a foggy, brooding quality. The playing is all excellent too. The actual lyrics on this record, however, are just too bland, and all the songs begin to blend together, but not in a good way. Think of Nick Cave without the poetic quality and you'll have some idea of the overall feel. Which is to say that this isn't a bad album, if you're in a wallowing mood, but there's not really enough intrigue here to encourage a second visit. [Keir Hind]
Spell' is out on May 9.