The Big Moon – Here Is Everything

London foursome The Big Moon return with a welcome dose of celestial magic, crafting something heart-wrenchingly vivid out of more than one global experience

Album Review by Cheri Amour | 11 Oct 2022
  • The Big Moon - Wide Eyes
Album title: Here Is Everything
Artist: The Big Moon
Label: Fiction Records
Release date: 14 Oct

When The Big Moon’s debut Love in the 4th Dimension landed in 2017, many said the golden age of indie was over. A new horizon of post-landfill indie dawned, as acts like The View and The Enemy finally hung up their clean-cut guitars. The Big Moon have always shone brighter than that though. 2020’s Walking Like We Do was a masterclass in unadulterated pop perfection. Propelled by its reception, the band was set to unleash something new the following year but we all know what happened next. 

Here Is Everything marks an intense period of change but none more so than for principal songwriter Juliette Jackson who gave birth to her son last year. The muse is front and centre of the record sleeve with Jackson, decked out in a pair of orange pants and a furry bucket hat, baring her bump to camera while seemingly figuring out 4 Down on the weekend crossword. Ever the multitasker, the record is jam-packed with beautiful analogies unpicking family dynamics (Sucker Punch) and tumbling Toto drums (Daydreaming) as Jackson reflects on unconditional love. But it’s recent single Trouble that wrenches at your heart bringing her new world to life so vividly: 'I don’t need your praise, I need your presence / Compliments don’t lift you off the floor.'

Here Is Everything presents a band laid bare (the whole record crafted together in drummer Fern Ford’s spare room studio). And, like the Harvest Moon casting its welcome glow, it’s a beacon of endurance and survival. Celestial magic.

Listen To: This Love, Sucker Punch, Trouble