The Airborne Toxic Event - The Airborne Toxic Event

Album Review by Ryan Drever | 04 Feb 2009
  • The Airborne Toxic Event - The Airborne Toxic Event
Album title: The Airborne Toxic Event
Artist: The Airborne Toxic Event
Label: MajorDomo
Release date: 2 Feb

L.A. quintet The Airborne Toxic Event have already been touted as potentially one of this coming year's biggest successes on the back of single Sometime Around Midnight- recieving regular mainstream airplay as well as much critical praise. Expectations for this self-titled debut would seem fairly high then, which makes the reality of the quality on show rather disappointing. Waivering from the Boss-like Americana of Wishing Well, to the Joe Strummer-esque drawl of Papillon, TATE draw on familiar influences but rarely progress on these already well established sounds. They also call upon the equally familiar sounds of our own recent wave of Clash-a-likes such as The Libertines and Razorlight, with vocalist Mikel Jollett even sounding almost exactly like Johnny Borrell on Gasoline. With occassional flutters of strings and a variety of tempos, the band are attempting to offer a diverse pallet, but instead deliver what sounds like only a half-decent mixtape. [Ryan Drever]