Temples – Sun Structures

Album Review by George Sully | 06 Feb 2014
  • Temples – Sun Structures
Album title: Sun Structures
Artist: Temples
Label: Heavenly Recordings
Release date: 10 Feb

Psychedelic. There, it’s been said. This record is so unmistakably of the genre and of an era that you can’t avoid the word, but Temples’ hotly tipped debut is by no means dated or lacking innovation. They’ve got rhythm, damn it, by the sandcastle-shaped bucketful.

Four floppy-haired lads from Kettering have managed to self-produce an LP with confident, tasteful charm; Sun Structures sways and breathes with all the warmth and colour the name depicts, its dozen tracks proving a savvy synthesis of the influences they so transparently parade.

From the woozy sleaze of the title track, to the dusty bravado of Sand Dance, to the cheekily self-aware chorus of Test Of Time (‘standing the test of time,’ are we, boys?), to the hypnotic Colours To Life; frontman James Bagshaw’s curls have imbued him with an ear for the timeless. Heavenly in both signing and vibe, Temples are a band worthy of a little worship. 

Playing Glasgow Òran Mór on 24 Feb and Manchester Academy 2 on 1 Mar http://templestheband.com