Teenage Fanclub - Shadows

Album Review by Chris Buckle | 05 May 2010
Album title: Shadows
Artist: Teenage Fanclub
Label: PEMA
Release date: 31 May


Teenage Fanclub are a reliable bunch, in the sense that even if the overall quality varies from album to album – though even here they’ve proven remarkably consistent over the years – their gratifyingly hook-filled, summery aesthetic stays pretty much the same. Though Shadows proffers few surprises, it does make small gestures towards extending their trademark jangly, guitar-pop harmonising with the odd digression, most notably on the Euros Childs-featuring Dark Clouds, a refreshingly guitarless ballad lifted by sombre piano from the guesting Gorky. Elsewhere it’s business as usual, but while the likes of Baby Lee and Shock and Awe would fit nicely on any Fannies Faves mix-tape, their eighth album ultimately underwhelms. It’s amiable and pleasant, but there was a time when a new album from The Bellshill Beach Boys promised so much more. With past pinnacles like Grand Prix to compare to, Shadows only musters enough lustre to potter off the starting grid. [Chris Buckle]


Teenage Fanclub play The Warehouse, Aberdeen on 1 Jun; O2 ABC, Glasgow on 2 Jun and The Picture House, Edinburgh on 3 Jun.