Teen – Love Yes

Album Review by Gary Kaill | 03 Feb 2016
  • Teen – Love Yes
Album title: Love Yes
Artist: Teen
Label: Carpark Records
Release date: 19 Feb

Its sharp pop sensibilities could fool you into thinking it's not quite as weird as it is, but don’t be tricked:  Love Yes is away with the fairies and delightfully so. Teen's off-kilter oeuvre, fuelled as ever by the wayward fancies of lead singer Teeny Lieberson, gains extra purchase here via their strongest set of songs to date. The four-piece manage an airy, radio-friendly vibe but their synth sheen is just one facet of their beguiling endeavour. 

Gone For Good and Example straddle so delicately the line between art pop and mainstream appeal, and reference points are all over the shop: Sparks, Jane Siberry, Tango in the Night, early Madonna. Another Man's Woman, with a guitar break only playable with rolled-up jacket sleeves, is the silkiest stadium balladry. Beneath the surface, watchful engagement and debate inform, as ever, Teen's literate manifesto. Uplifting and electric, Love Yes is a blast. The kids are alright and then some.