Tapso II – Tapso II

Album Review by Sam Wiseman | 26 Oct 2010
  • Tapso II – Tapso II
Album title: Tapso II
Artist: Tapso II
Label: Tapso
Release date: 8 Nov

Tapso II are an Italian three-piece with an intuitive awareness of the dynamic possibilities of the power trio: whether via quiet bit/loud bit, fast bit/slow bit, or messy bit/tight bit excursions, they understand the value of contrast and juxtaposition. Sonically their influences will be unmistakeable to fans of late-90s US math rock.

The drums carry the muscular clarity that Steve Albini, as an engineer, has practically trademarked, while the formula of ominously sustained guitar arpeggios punctuated by bruising, syncopated and heavily distorted riffs has been well-worn by Shellac and Slint’s many followers. On Tapso II, it is the presence of violin – the third facet of the band’s sound – that saves them from generic anonymity. This element is utilised in a distinctive grinding, repetitive way; whether laid over squalls of distortion or delicately understated fretwork, it ensures that the band bring something strikingly different to an already-crowded field. [Sam Wiseman]