Tanlines – Mixed Emotions

Album Review by Chris Cusack | 23 Feb 2012
  • Tanlines – Mixed Emotions
Album title: Mixed Emotions
Artist: Tanlines
Label: True Panther Sounds
Release date: 19 Mar

Tanlines' debut Mixed Emotions is a disappointingly non-committal affair. The New York duo speak of their belief in the enduring legacy of great songwriting, regardless of contemporary trends – which is certainly an argument with plenty to support it – yet they then proceed to avoid writing any particularly interesting or catchy songs.


Dipping a toe into a lukewarm puddle of 80s influences, its an entirely inoffensive album, sporting some regrettably scarce gently warming moments of Duran Duran-lite electronic pop and a slightly cloy undercurrent of rootsiness that comes across a bit like 'Paul Simon does Bladerunner'.


Within the context of the current musical landscape Yeasayer are doing something close (but by no means identical) but theirs is a much more engaging take, packed with stronger flavours and bags more distinction. Tanlines' restrictive format perhaps plays a part but if the object is memorable, timeless songwriting then it seems they need to go on a recruitment drive.

Playing The Art School, Glasgow on 24 Mar http://www.tanlinesinternet.com