Tacocat – Lost Time

Album Review by Will Fitzpatrick | 23 Mar 2016
Album title: Lost Time
Artist: Tacocat
Label: Hardly Art
Release date: 1 Apr

Seasons change, trends come and go, yet one thing is forever guaranteed: some joyless swine is itching to tell you that guitar pop is dead. Don’t plan any funerals just yet, though – Tacocat's third album positively brims with the good stuff. The neon hooks of FYP make clear why they were recently chosen to reboot the Powerpuff Girls theme, and they're smart and funny enough to namecheck R.E.M. in the lyrics to Night Swimming.

Singer Emily Noaks’ subjects veer from the endearingly breezy I Love Seattle to the more pointed mainsplain diss Men Explain Things To Me. It's all propped up by a suitably loose-hipped blend of surf, garage rock and pop-punk – its merits (pep, sass, tunes) come to the boil in the ludicrously catchy I Hate The Weekend, but Lost Time is such an enjoyable half-hour you’ll barely worry about favourites. Melody, thy name be Tacocat. [Will Fitzpatrick]