Supermoon – Oh Supermoon, Vol. 1

Album Review by Gary Kaill | 24 Jun 2015
Album title: Oh, Supermoon!
Artist: Supermoon
Label: Song, By Toad Records
Release date: Out Now

Neil Pennycook has ditched the Meursault moniker. In its place: Supermoon. A threadbare step down from the intricate and skewed folk of his previous outlet, Oh, Supermoon is spare with its arrangements but generous to a fault with tunes and heart. Taking inspiration from the likes of David Thomas Broughton, this half hour intro's DIY leanings shift the songs centre stage.

Minimal backing (delicately picked acoustic guitar, piano, clomping percussion) is all the likes of Supermoon vs Black Friday ("Lately I've been drinking on my own and facing down my ghosts") and the pummeling title track need to breathe. Pennycook shifts from raging troubadour to whispered confessional with practised ease. A little bit of Elliott Smith, touches of Glen Hansard here and there, Oh, Supermoon surely has a legion of hearts waiting on its arrival. Plus, it's released on Edinburgh's marvellous Song, By Toad Records, who promise more beyond this volume, and soon. [Gary Kaill]