Sunturns – Christmas I & II

Album Review by Katie Hawthorne | 01 Dec 2015
  • Sunturns – Christmas I & II
Album title: Christmas I & II
Artist: Sunturns
Label: Fika
Release date: 4 Dec

Disliking a Christmas album is like admitting the John Lewis advert didn’t make you cry, or that you secretly think eggnog is vile. But, happily, this time comes round just once a year. Sunturns are a Norwegian supergroup, comprising members of Making Marks, The Little Hands of Asphalt, Monzano, Moddi and Einar Stray Orchestra – and they’ve linked mittens to make not one, but two sides of supremely twee festivity.

This double-sided album features no less than 20 original Christmas songs (and, thankfully, one Ramones cover). Not even Michael Bublé can lay claim to so many musical romps under the mistletoe. A few tracks, like Looks Like Styrofoam and The Axial Tilt, cross rare, uncharted Christmas territory, but for the most part the album reels out like a bluffer's guide to festive bingo. It’s either adorable or terrifying, depending on how you’d feel imagining Marcus Mumford in a knitted cardi carolling with actual jingle bells and a beard full of hand-crafted snowflakes. You might need that eggnog after all.