Sudakistan – Caballo Negro

Album Review by Will Fitzpatrick | 20 Nov 2015
Album title: Caballo Negro
Artist: Sudakistan
Label: PNKSLM Recordings
Release date: 20 Nov

Had enough of repetitive tonal washes? Splashed in sufficient puddles of droned-out acid rock? Used words like ‘motorik’ to the point of irritation? Seems fair, and yet there still seems to be more essential psych wizardry out there. Take Swedish-based South Americans Sudakistan and the unrelenting energy of their distinctly doolally grooves: a generous dollop of Latin flavour added to an already-heady brew. A ruckus is raised, and you can hear the sweat drip.

See, this is more than another stoned meander around hazily pastoral grooves. Mundo Mamon positively attacks its already-furious rhythms, laying down a gauntlet which Rabia’s savage stomp is only too keen to take up. Sudakistan’s chief reputation is that of live band extraordinaire, a claim which too often sets studio documents up for a fall. Caballo Negro’s closing triumvirate tosses such concerns aside – a dizzying, sashaying series of pulses that command both your hips and your undying adoration. [Will Fitzpatrick]