Still Corners – Slow Air

Slow Air is an escapist dream which can only offer more to the imagination with every listen

Album Review by Amy Kenyon | 14 Aug 2018
  • Still Corners – Slow Air
Album title: Slow Air
Artist: Still Corners
Label: Wrecking Light
Release date: 17 Aug

Based in London, Still Corners wrote and recorded their latest album, Slow Air, in Austin, Texas. For fans of Beach House and Chromatics, their sound is extraordinarily visual. The album is steeped in Americana and is a heady mix of dark country and dream-pop which wouldn't be out of place on the soundtrack for David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.

The simple lyrics and moody instrumentals set the scene before journeying further into the imaginary world of the album as we leave behind the disillusionment and stresses of life in the city. In the Middle of the Night sounds as though Neil Young has been remixed for a chillout compilation alongside the disenchanted love songs of Chris Isaak and Lana Del Rey. The Message conjures up an image of speeding down an American freeway in the dead of night, which is at once liberating but lonely just like the soundscape of the album.

With mostly-instrumental track Welcome to Slow Air there's a noticeable shift in the album's mood, it's more upbeat and features atmospheric sounds from the rainforest. Subsequently, the latter part of the album is more relaxed featuring the album's lead single Black Lagoon, cinematic in its lyrical description of a moonlit beach it's just one of the fantasy settings where the album takes place.

Slow Air takes time to process as we reflect on the musical journey we've been on, it's an escapist dream which can only offer more to the imagination with every listen.

Listen to: The Message, Welcome to Slow Air, Black Lagoon