Spinning Coin – Hyacinth

Spinning Coin have melded their well-worn sound into something new and vaguely psychedelic on new album Hyacinth

Album Review by Adam Turner-Heffer | 17 Feb 2020
  • Spinning Coin – Hyacinth
Album title: Hyacinth
Artist: Spinning Coin
Label: Geographic
Release date: 21 Feb

Having become something of a staple in Glasgow’s richly storied indie-art-pop scene, Spinning Coin have spread their wings since 2017's Permo. Rachel Taylor, who has become integral to Spinning Coin, has brought a fresh new voice to the band with her songwriting, in the case of the gorgeous Black Cat, but also geographically. Taylor was forced to leave Glasgow, opting to move to Berlin, with fellow bandmate Sean Armstrong following.

With the band now split between Glasow and Berlin, it's easy to imagine them traversing the German capital getting inspired to write their sophomore album in a familiar-yet-otherworldly place, as evidenced in Feel You More Than World Right Now. Spinning Coin have yet again melded their well-worn sound into something new and vaguely psychedelic, such as on the Armstrong-fronted Ghosting where he sounds possessed by a host.

Elsewhere, fellow primary songwriter Jack Mellin spins a more aggressive yarn on Never Enough while maintaining a breezy mid-90s vibe. Recorded at Black Box Studios in France, Hyacinth sees a strong progression in production values from its predeccesor. While there's a widening of Spinning Coin's scope here, there's still a tendancy to stick to a familiar formula across the album. Thankfully, they do it well.

Listen to: Black Cat, Ghosting, Never Enough