Spare Snare - I Love You, I Hate You

Album Review by Jamie Scott | 27 May 2009
  • Spare Snare - I Love You, I Hate You
Album title: I Love You, I Hate You
Artist: Spare Snare
Label: Chute Records
Release date: 1 Jun

"I don't care what you thinks." Hissing electronics snatched from early Grandaddy records and distorted with the scuzz of the Probe Plus back catalogue: this only barely close to describing how lo-fi this home recording by Spare Snare is. Eight albums in, and the Dundee indie heroes persist with charmingly clumsy recordings, as the cardboard drums and paper guitars that helped make their name are intact. The highlight, for all its hiss, squall and squeak, is Qwerty For The Masses, a surefire anthem for part-time musicians everywhere. Of all Scotland's numerous best kept secrets, Spare Snare (number 46 in The List's Top 50 Scottish Bands, remember?) remain one of the most well hidden, not helped by the pointed amateurism and sparsity of their recordings. Yet as the tunes begin to shine through on repeated listens, the production values only serve to make I Love You, I Hate You all the more glorious.