Sophia – As We Make Our Way (Unknown Harbours)

Album Review by Duncan Harman | 11 May 2016
  • Sophia – As We Make Our Way (Unknown Harbours)
Album title: As We Make Our Way (Unknown Harbours)
Artist: Sophia
Label: The Flower Shop Recordings
Release date: 13 May

Robin Proper-Sheppard has always had a way with love. Of viewing it at odd angles, teasing out the strands of heartbreak almost before hearts have been broken. No more so than on As We Make Our Way (Unknown Harbours), his sixth studio album as Sophia; it may have been seven years since the last LP, but he’s lost none of that frisson. “I don’t know why we’re always resisting,” he sings on the sonic bruise of Resisting, guitars wailing wraith-like in the background.

A record full of patterns, playing restraint (The Drifter) against intensity (St Tropez/The Hustle) to create something deliciously slow-burning and tender. And while conforming to indie rock trope through its guitar-driven posture, there’s enough strands of discordance and electronic noodles to make this an enticing listen musically as well as lyrically. The sound of being all grown-up yet still lost and confused; it’s grand to have him back.