Soledad Brothers - 'The Hardest Walk'

Songs about a relationship break-up? Well this is the blues...

Album Review by Jon Seller | 17 Mar 2006
  • 'The Hardest Walk'
Album title: 'The Hardest Walk'
Artist: Soledad Brothers
Label: Loog *extended for web
The Soledad Brothers fourth long-player sees aptly-named songsmith Johnny Walker muse about the world as seen through the bottom of a glass in the wake of a relationship break-up. Well, this is the blues after all. As a whole, the album is a frustrating experience as the bite of standout tracks such as the infectious Sweet and Easy are nullified by the numerous forgettable offerings. There is definite potential here, but more than a little inconsistency.

Walker's vocals are uncannily similar to Bobby Gillespie's lethargic slur and although not a problem, there are times when it appears a Primal Scream tribute act have hijacked your stereo – none so more than on latest single Good Feeling. As a trio, the 'Brothers show impressive ability and imagination in the choice and use of instruments – 'Brother Oliver Henry is credited with no less than nine instrumental inputs to the album. Such ability would appear to reinforce their reputation as a thrilling live act. Unfortunately for the thrill-seekers among us, this doesn't entirely shine through on record. [Jon Seller]
The Hardest Walk' is out on March 6.