sole and the Skyrider Band – sole and the Skyrider Band

Album Review by Johnny Langlands | 07 Nov 2007
  • sole and the Skyrider Band
Album title: sole and the Skyrider Band
Artist: sole and the Skyrider Band
Label: anticon.
Release date: Out Now

Tim Holland's a sensitive sole: seemingly consumed by the imperialistic misdeeds of the western world after living in war-torn parts of Eastern Europe for a few years, his stream of consciousness poetry is ruled by an empire guilt he just can't seem to shake.

From the grandiose opening of A Sad Day for Investors, he articulates himself like a rambling street Chomsky, calling out capitalism's thinly veiled disguises while he mockingly pleads for a better deal: "Tell us our new cities will be far cleaner than the old ones."

The stellar instrumental efforts of Floridian trio Skyrider stretch from gut rumbling dub to sheer walls of white noise, while sole's wired awake idioms continue to belie his apathetic flow. The conclusion of Stupid Things Implode on Themselves is as definitive a testament to the strength of this combination as any; this particular collaboration may be the proverbial slow burner, but trust that the rewards start unfurling by the third listen.