Snõõper – Super Snõõper

Snõõper continue at breakneck pace on new album Super Snõõper, updating their sound (and a few staple tracks) into a cleaner, more cohesive form

Album Review by Jack Faulds | 25 Jul 2023
  • Snõõper – Super Snõõper
Album title: Super Snõõper
Artist: Snõõper
Label: Third Man Records
Release date: 14 Jul

Super Snõõper is a hell-for-leather masterclass on (almost) all things Snõõper thus far. Catapulting from its amorphous intro (a staticy hodgepodge of tracks like DOG and Subdivision which didn’t make the final cut of the album) into the scuttling sounds of Bed Bugs, this album wastes no time in establishing the band’s bold and brash identity.

We see many of the other Snõõper staples such as Powerball and Xerox returning on this album with some interesting makeovers. The updated production on these previously released tracks takes out some of the characteristic twangy tweeness we’ve come to expect from Snõõper in favour of a more clean, crisp and cohesive end product. This change works best on songs like Fruit Fly, allowing punkier guitars to shine through and making way for some more intricate and put-together tempo changes. Tracks like Fitness, however, lose a good portion of their previous charm and are rearranged with no clear rhyme or reason.

Regardless, the band knock it out of the park with a magical cover of Unable by the elusive, long-defunct Suburban Lawns which makes a convincing case for their new sound. Much like their expeditious songwriting style, Snõõper are always moving forward at breakneck speed, unafraid to broaden their wacky musical horizons.

Listen to: Bed Bugs, Fruit Fly, Unable