Sleep Party People – Floating

Album Review by George Sully | 26 May 2014
  • Sleep Party People – Floating
Album title: Floating
Artist: Sleep Party People
Label: Blood & Biscuits
Release date: 2 Jun

Somnambulant dreampop project Sleep Party People is the tincture of one Brian Batz, a rabbit-masked Dane with a knack for crafting layered, shoegaze lullabyes. Floating graduates from the candid, toybox lo-fi of debut Sleep Party People, and forgoes the crashing crescendoes and programmed electro of We Were Drifting On a Sad Song for a more progressive and psychedelic feel.

There’s still spiralling synths (A Stranger Among Us) and prismatic piano (I See The Sun, Harold), but there’s a stripped-down maturity to his compositions; less fidgety. Enchanting, though less frequent, is Batz’ faraway falsetto, like a Scandinavian Baths winding down for a snooze, and often modulated to the point of texture (Only A Shadow). If WWDOASS was a more accessible ‘pop’ record, Floating is an indulgence in exploratory hallucinations (try out eight minute psych journey I See The Moon), luring us to a sedate and tranquil oasis.