Skylar Spence – Prom King

Album Review by Katie Hawthorne | 02 Sep 2015
  • Skylar Spence – Prom King
Album title: Prom King
Artist: Skylar Spence
Label: Carpark
Release date: 18 Sep

If it takes hefty willpower and 15 minutes of eyeballing your spots in the bathroom mirror before you can dance on a Friday night, here’s yer cure. Previously known as Saint Pepsi (a certain sugary mega-corp claimed copyright), Skylar Spence is the re-named project of Ryan DeRobertis, and the resultant record is as peppy, intelligent and smooth-tongued as the title deserves – the perfect date for any reluctant wallflower.

DeRobertis plies you high-octane floor fillers crammed with hi-hats, hand claps and a hedonistic love of life, but underneath the gloss you'll find all the self-awareness of an awkward teen. Endearingly indebted to familar beats from decades of dance music, tracks like Can't You See capitalise upon nostalgia without losing any wit: 'I’m in love with my own reflection / In the heat of the moment, I thought that I could [what?] myself,' sings a delighted DeRobertis, applauded by recorded whoops even Lionel Richie would be proud of. 

Persuasive and undeniably charming, Prom King is a juicy hit of self-confidence that’ll have you checking yourself out in the mirrored surfaces of your nearest disco hall; damn, you’re looking fine.