Sheer Mag – Need to Feel Your Love

Album Review by Adam Turner-Heffer | 07 Jul 2017
  • Sheer Mag – Need to Feel Your Love
Album title: Need to Feel Your Love
Artist: Sheer Mag
Label: Static Shock
Release date: 14 Jul

Sheer Mag’s relatively rapid rise to prominence has been one of punk music’s most refreshing and organic in some time. Despite possessing a relatively 70s rock sound, make no mistake; Sheer Mag are about as punk as it gets, led by frontwoman Tina Halliday’s powerful voice and performance.

After a series of EPs, building quite the underground reputation and following, Need to Feel Your Love is the Philadelphia band’s debut full-length and thankfully delivers on all their promise. Their default sound is throwing punk energy into classic rock songs, immediately announced by screeching opener Meet me in the Street.

Suffer Me and the album's title track are surprisingly danceable, and Sheer Mag even briefly flirt with the 'rock ballad' on Until You Find the One and Milk and Honey. These sounds are deceiving, however, as the band explore some deep political issues, such as race relations (Expect the Bayonet) and gay rights (Suffer Me). Similarly, for a tough sounding band, this is an emotionally raw album, most keenly felt on the excellent shape-shifter Play it Cool.

Ultimately, Need to Feel Your Love remains a statement of defiance from a band full of it. Closing track (Say Goodbye To) Sophie Scholl keeps the band (and listener)’s heads held high in what is a really impressive debut. Sheer Mag remain one of punk’s most promising prospects here.

Listen to: Meet Me in the Street, Just Can’t Get Enough, Can’t Play it Cool