She Drew the Gun – Revolution of Mind

In their follow-up to 2016’s acclaimed debut Memories of Another Future, She Drew the Gun explode in a triumph of anthems dedicated to the theme of empowerment

Album Review by Hannah Clark | 04 Oct 2018
  • She Drew the Gun – Revolution of Mind
Album title: Revolution of Mind
Artist: She Drew the Gun
Label: Skeleton Key Records
Release date: 5 Oct

Revolution of Mind is a masterpiece of psychedelic pop discovery. Singer-songwriter and guitarist Louisa Roach alternates within her songs between bewitchingly melodic and a fierce, deep vocal range that lays claim to her identities as political activist in Resister, storyteller in Something For the Pain, and poet in Wolf & Bird.

The album continues with the bands history of expertly layered instrumentals. A delicate and well balanced intonement of keys throughout and steady, crisp percussion create the ideal atmosphere here. The thunderously compelling title track is an example of the depths Roach is willing to draw us into with her for the purpose of her lyrical illumination. Her smart spoken word pieces segue perfectly into gently ascended anthems that remind us to be kind as well as brave and the album finishes with the beautifully delivered and ultimately forgiving Human providing a perfect contrast to the blistering opening and allowing us to feel that we too have completed the first steps of a complex journey.

Despite the frequently mellow vibe delivered via effects such as the calming ocean sounds at the beginning of Ocean Song, Revolution of Mind sizzles with a smouldering intensity that many psych-pop albums narrowly miss. As with many politically motivated and poetically graceful artists such as Patti Smith and Yoko Ono, Roach balances her ideals and her craft with a winning charm without compromising on her messages.

Listen to: Something For the Pain, Arm Yourself, Revolution of Mind, Human