Sergeant Buzfuz - High Slang

Buzfuz throw in gun-slinging country rhythms, anti-folk and subtle electronics

Album Review by Gordon Bruce | 11 Feb 2009
Album title: High Slang
Artist: Sergeant Buzfuz
Label: Blang Records
Release date: 9 Feb

I’m sure at some point in your life you'll have wanted to learn the history of the papacy but have decided against it: unless, of course, it was delivered with an accordion and dulcimer as accompaniment... Sergeant Buzfuz have jumbled this hilarious four-part history lesson into their psychedelic folk album. 'Jumble' is definitely the right word since Buzfuz throw in gunslinging country rhythms, anti-folk and subtle electronics alongside their cardinal storytelling. The result is a mash-up which works surprisingly well. Closer Go Hoot, Owl Lady is a perfect example, where fiddle samples soar over Aphex Twin fractured beats. However, this routine is less effective on In The Back Of My Cab, which recalls the Levellers' worst attempts at punk-folk crossovers. That said, you’ll be hard pressed to find an album that broadens your smile more than the efforts of Buzfuz, without putting quite putting themselves in the 'comedy band' pigeonhole. [Gordon Bruce]