September Girls – Cursing the Sea

Album Review by Stu Lewis | 26 Dec 2013
  • September Girls – Cursing the Sea
Album title: Cursing the Sea
Artist: September Girls
Label: Fortuna POP!
Release date: 6 Jan

So in 2014 girls groups are now very much ‘a thing’ again. You know the type I mean – reverb-laden guitars, dreamy vocals and production that would make Phil Spector’s over-sized barnet twitch. Frankie Rose, Veronica Falls and – arguably the pioneers – Raveonettes have all been there, so what chance of Dublin’s September Girls finding room at the table?

Well, pretty good as it happens. The five piece tick off various elements and influences as they go, but build plenty of big hooks in with their Ronettes-meets-Mary Chain sound. Another Love Song is a potential dancefloor filler – provided you don’t mind your dancefloor full of awkward, shuffling teens – and former single Green Eyed (originally released on West Lothian’s own Soft Power Records, no less) hisses with urgent menace around chiming guitars. September Girls may have missed a trick by putting this out in January, but there’s much to love here. [Stu Lewis]