Secret Machines - 'Ten Silver Drops'

a superb collection

Album Review by Jon Seller | 17 Mar 2006
  • 'Ten Silver Drops'
Album title: 'Ten Silver Drops'
Artist: Secret Machines
Label: Reprise Records *Extended for web
As a title, 'Ten Silver Drops' misleads slightly in its description of what the album contains. Firstly, there are 8, not 10 songs on this, the band's second LP and secondly, the vast majority can only be described as golden.

Opener and first single Alone, Jealous and Stoned is an epic and the ideal appetizer for the feast to come. Third track Lightning Blue Eyes is possibly the album standout, although with 5 or 6 contenders for this accolade it's far from a foregone conclusion. The only slight lull in the beautiful sonic onslaught occurs midway through, where the sluggish Daddy's in the Doldrums fails to compare to its siblings, unsurprising when considering the quality of fare on offer.

The Secret Machines are a three-piece, and although technically very apt as individuals (especially drummer Josh Garza, a sticksman of awesome ability), it's the sum sound that is so impressive. Brothers Ben and Brandon Curtis take on vocal duties alongside their bass, guitars and keyboard roles and their soon-to-be trademark ethereal harmonies come together like an extra instrument to perfectly compliment the rich musical juggernaut powered by the super-engine that is Garza.

The depth to these songs enables the listener to hear more with each play, which only adds to the enjoyment. 'Ten Silver Drops' is a clear progression from the band's last long-player, while retaining the Floyd-esque space-rock sentiments and aspirations. Album closer 1,000 Seconds has the haunting, melodic qualities of a Flaming Lips meets Bowie collaboration and is the perfect finale to a superb collection of songs. [Jon Seller]
Ten silver Drops' is out on March 27.