Sacred Paws – Strike A Match

Album Review by Gary Kaill | 13 Jan 2017
Album title: Strike a Match
Artist: Sacred Paws
Label: Rock Action
Release date: 27 Jan

Ah, this is such a tonic. Opener Nothing is the eyebrow-raiser and second song Rest is all it takes to seal the deal: from curious to committed in six minutes. Sacred Paws' DIY ethos has little truck with identikit indie shapes, instead taking its cue from classic Afro-pop: the burbling beats, the clean guitar tone, voices raised in sweet and uplifting harmony, and the deft picking of the high strings a refreshing alternative to the, huh, regular alternative. 

Rachel Aggs and Eilidh Rodgers' debut is shot through with an infectious bonhomie: one that transforms the lyrical concerns of Everyday and Getting Old into little three minute celebrations of the humdrum sadness of the day-to-day. Give it a second and a third play if you’re looking for immediate and well-trod dynamics. 

Strike a Match is highly detailed but quick thrills and ‘big’ tunes are not part of its savvy design. Dependent on its rich texture and brought to life by the depth of the duo’s musicianship, this is an intriguing and deeply satisfying debut.  

Listen to: Empty Body, Ride