Rozi Plain – What a Boost

Complex and vibrant, Rozi Plain's new album What a Boost is an invigorating and engaging ride

Album Review by Eugenie Johnson | 05 Apr 2019
  • Rozi Plain – What a Boost
Album title: What a Boost
Artist: Rozi Plain
Label: Memphis Industries
Release date: 5 Apr

Across the course of a year, Rozi Plain toured the world and played bass in This Is the Kit. At the same time, those 12 months were spent crystallising her latest album, which took shape in a multitude of locations (including Clapton, Los Angeles, Berlin and London). The nomadic approach to crafting the record is reflected in its sound; just as Plain travelled the globe, What a Boost takes the listener on a sonic journey.

The central cores of What a Boost, often tight and looping guitar lines mixed with Plain’s own gliding vocals that are warm and often charming, form a base for which its varied textures can unfurl themselves in unique forms. Underneath these foundations, there's a treasure trove of ideas to be discovered. The harmonies, twinkling keyboard lines and shuffling percussion of Symmetrical move in and out of the mix at will, keeping the listener on their toes. Dark Park’s steely synth passages blossom into bursts of instrumental light, while the stabs of brass and staccato percussion that punctuate Trouble are jazz-inflected.

But while sounds can sometimes drift by as quickly as they come, tracks such as Conditions and Swing Shut are propulsive and immediate while still being intricate. Complex and vibrant, What a Boost is an invigorating and engaging ride.  

Listen to: Conditions, Dark Park