Retox – Ugly Animals

Album Review by Austin Tasseltine | 28 Jul 2011
  • Retox – Ugly Animals
Album title: Ugly Animals
Artist: Retox
Label: Ipecac
Release date: 29 Aug

Somewhat predictably for a band containing two members of The Locust, Ipecac's latest progeny specialise in envelope-pushing musical lunacy of the 100mph extreme hardcore variety. Not as overtly wacky as The Locust, but certainly not po-faced, Ugly Animals clocks in at around a lean (nay, gaunt) 13 minutes and, though that's a comfortable length of time for such an unrelenting onslaught, it’s also maybe a bit of a stretch where full price recordings are concerned.

Fans of Daughters and Glasgow’s own Take A Worm For A Walk Week will undoubtedly get their kicks from this; the musicianship is astonishing, with gloriously subtle little flashes of brilliance throughout. 30 Cents Shy Of A Quarter is an especially rampant monster of a track, likewise Stick A Fork In It, which plays up the bona fide hardcore ancestry of the various members. Considering this band has reputedly only been together for mere months, this is a rather excellent and utterly uncompromising first impression. [Austin Tasseltine]