Redjetson - Other Arms

Album Review by Stephen Toman | 24 Apr 2009
  • Redjetson - Other Arms
Album title: Other Arms
Artist: Redjetson
Label: Gizeh Records
Release date: 20 Apr

In Other Arms, Redjetson have seemingly created a work so incredible that, rather than fail to live up to expectations created by it, disbanded before it was even released. More than a year has passed between the recording and the limited release of 1000 copies of their sophomore album, all ringing guitars, solid bass and frenetic drumming over a suitably post-rock blanket of feedback, keys and reverb. Unfortunately for the band, the flat production strips away some of the dynamicism of their music, their acclaimed live wall-of-noise being reduced to the unexciting everything-the-same-level immaculate FM radio sound so common in modern British indie. Played extremely loud though, it serves as a fine epitaph to a fine band. It’s a shame they won’t be playing it live, where the material would find itself represented best.

Release date: 20 April 2009, limited to 1000 copies