Randolph's Leap – Real Anymore

Album Review by PJ Meiklem | 28 Aug 2013
Album title: Real Anymore
Artist: Randolph's Leap
Label: Olive Grove
Release date: 9 Sep

It’s tough to dislike a band like Randolph’s Leap. Their bright, a-bit-folk-but-kinda-indie-rock sound, and sharp as a box of self-reverential brass tacks ethos, fits so neatly into the Scottish tradition. And even though the band themselves acknowledge the above in the chuckle-worthy Indie King, it doesn’t make it any less true, or any less difficult for the nine members to carve out a unique identity. 

Founder and frontman Adam Ross has clearly given the 'twee' label some thought, and decided that wit will out (or that he couldn’t give a cup of camomile tea what anybody calls his band...). This mini-album is peppered with enough laugh-out-loud lines to make a stand up comic blush; Psychic – the tale of a skint worker turning to clairvoyance phonecalls to make ends meet – is a particular treasure. Though it’s the opening, more sombre note of Conversation which hints at the emotional heft of which the band are capable, after the laughs have subsided. 

Playing Glasgow's Glad Cafe on 6 Sep http://randolphsleap.bandcamp.com