Randolph's Leap – Clumsy Knot

Album Review by Chris Buckle | 31 Mar 2014
  • Randolph's Leap – Clumsy Knot
Album title: Clumsy Knot
Artist: Randolph's Leap
Label: Lost Map
Release date: 7 Apr

For those not already familiar with Randolph’s Leap, the lyric “living like a hermit / hermit the frog” could serve as a kind of acid test. Smile at its merry silliness and you’ll likely find plenty to enjoy in bandleader Adam Ross’s witty oeuvre; recoil and you best be on your way. The line comes from Hermit, one of a handful of previously released tracks to feature on Randolph Leap’s 'proper' debut album Clumsy Knot.

Other reappearances include the quietly caustic Weatherman (now with blustery climax) and the ever-graceful I Can’t Dance to This Music Anymore: strong benchmarks against which the new material measures up well. Granted, Foolishness of Youth pushes the awkward rhymes a smidgen too far, while an intrusive drum loop almost renders Gina a chore. But otherwise Clumsy Knot proffers some of Ross’s finest work, from introspective opener Unnatural to the low-key beauty of Light of the Moon. [Chris Buckle]

Randolph's Leap launch Clumsy Knot at Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow on 5 April http://randolphsleap.co.uk