Quasi – Mole City

Album Review by PJ Meiklem | 12 Sep 2013
  • Quasi – Mole City
Album title: Mole City
Artist: Quasi
Label: Domino
Release date: 30 Sep

In an era where bands struggle to get two records out before falling foul of industry fashions, cash flows or personality defects, the twenty years or so Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss have been jamming out alternative-minded, wig-out grunge must count as some kind of triumph. Back to the founding duo after the departure of bassist Joanna Bolme, Mole City's 24 tracks of fuzzy bass, hammered keys, and slacker vocals catch the twosome in no mood for slowing down.

See You On Mars and The Dying Man put the keys front and centre, resulting in a neat kind of cabaret scuzz – like a noisier Ben Folds Five. The number of tracks, Coomes’ workaday voice, and a sound so slack it’s barely in time, make the album a difficult proposition at first and some of the jams – Dust of the Sun and Head Shrinker to name two – will be a bridge too far. But Mole City is nothing if not interesting, and at the end of the day you just gotta dig it. [PJ Meiklem]