Public Symphony - Public Symphony

A solid album but unfortunately, easily lost in the crowd

Album Review by Jon Mercer | 16 May 2006
Album title: Public Symphony
Artist: Public Symphony
Label: Absolute
Contemporary rock seems to be a hard place for an unsigned band. Your market is clearly defined, there's no shortage of material, and then there's that almost amnesiatic quality of repeating last year's sound into this year's band. This makes 'Public Symphony' a tough review. On first listen, one word comes to mind: safe. As in, you could probably enjoy a latte at your favorite coffee chain with Public Symphony in the background and be neither offended, nor inspired to go home and dust off your guitar. In other words: the next big hit in the making. But cynicism and first listening aside, Public Symphony do work hard to put their own stamp on the music and tracks not destined to be singles would make for a great independent EP. So what kind of rubbish review is this? Overall, 'Public Symphony' is a solid album but unfortunately, easily lost in the crowd for its singles. [Jon Mercer]
Public Symphony' is out now.
The single, Stronger, is out on May 15.