Professor Green – Alive Till I'm Dead

Album Review by Ryan Drever | 19 Jul 2010
  • Professor Green – Alive Till I'm Dead
Album title: Alive Till I'm Dead
Artist: Professor Green
Label: Virgin
Release date: 19 Jul

Who likes this? No really, it's a genuine enquiry. After several spins, it's really hard to know who's benefiting from listening to Professor Green's debut. It seems the fairly simplistic electronic beats, cartoon-like "rapping" and appearance of folks like Lily Allen and partner in crime, Example, may be aimed at a fairly young crowd, but it seems wrong to treat our youth with such disrespect.

The instrumentation is clunky, cheap and mismatched – particularly opener, Kids That Love To Dance and I Need You Tonight's unholy desecration of INXS – and what's more alarming for Mike Skinner's protégé and battle rap champion, is that PG appears to be severely lacking in rap skills here (evident in his attempt to rhyme 'Hackney' with 'Jumanji' on Jungle). As bratty as the prof appears, he's as neutered as any other pop act and unfortunately fails to demonstrate any real, salvageable talents. [Ryan Drever]