Proc Fiskal – Siren Spine Sysex

Proc Fiskal’s second LP is a further step forward for his warped take on instrumental grime

Album Review by Joe Creely | 20 Sep 2021
  • Proc Fiskal - Siren Spine Sysex
Album title: Siren Spine Sysex
Artist: Proc Fiskal
Label: Hyperdub
Release date: 24 Sep

Not content with releasing one of the best EPs of the year with March’s Lothian Buses, Proc Fiskal’s second full-length is a superb development from the promise he showed on 2018's Insula. He has shown time and again his ability to meld the sweetest synth tones with remarkable gymnastics of momentum, and it’s apparent again here. Thurs Jung Youtz takes its brief melody and creates a gorgeous mutating landscape around it that morphs into a twinkling sugar rush by its final movement, while Convaerge is a giddy tumble of masterfully glitched out space.

You get the sense he could throw out these wonky chaotic rhythms until the cows come home, but the record’s greatest achievement is the scale and depth of emotion he wrings from them. There are great geysers of surging euphoria on Recall [Throate Achres] and a pensive melancholy in the way Her In skitters about like a clockwork moth, while the moment Iaosiphsean Powers blooms halfway through contains an emotional delicacy we haven’t seen before. With the great sweeps of skriking noise that close the record on Roman Fatigue you get the sense of an artist fully realising their sound and heading for exciting new horizons. 

Listen to: Convaerge, Iaosiphsean Powers, Recall [Throate Achres]