Pinback - Autumn of the Seraphs

Drum's not dead

Album Review by Dave Kerr | 08 Sep 2007
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Album title: Autumn of the Seraphs
Artist: Pinback
Label: Touch & Go

How could such a fundamental element as "the drums" be so largely overlooked from an indie rock band's makeup for eight years? Pinback, it appears, have finally blown the dust off the kit kicking around at the back of their garage in an effort to - at least partially - replace that bloody tinny machine which, to these ears anyway, has curtailed the effects of a few too many of these San Diegan's dazzling songs in the past. So back up to their bedroom based studio the spring-heeled multi-instrumentalists went, to produce the mighty Autumn of the Seraphs. Picking up from the dreamy headspace of last album Summer in Abaddon's AFK, there's an emphatically adventurous tone to this LP. Be it in the swathing warmth of Good to Sea or the slowly mounting melodrama of Walters, this is music to turn your age into a shoesize.

Release Date: 10 Sep