Papercuts - Can't Go Back

An enchanting exercise in retro-reverence.

Album Review by Jay Shukla | 11 May 2007
Album title: Can't Go Back
Artist: Papercuts
Label: FORTE
The second album proper from Bay Area multi-instrumentalist Jason Quever, Can't Go Back is an enchanting exercise in retro-reverence. From the authentic 1960s-sounding analogue production to the cautiously psychedelic atmospheres and dreamy, melancholy vocals, Quever is clearly digging on the same trip as the Brian Jonestown Massacre's Anton Newcombe. The songwriting is tight from start to finish, with enough hooks and textures to keep us believing in Quever's tales of isolation, detachment and frustrated longing. If you can look past the fact that there is absolutely nothing new going on, there are just about enough spellbinding tunes and heartbreaking melodies here to convince us that Papercuts' refusal to acknowledge the last 30 years of musical history is entirely justified. It's a hard trick to pull off, but Quever makes it look easy. [Jay Shukla]
Release Date: Out now.