Paolo Nutini – Last Night in the Bittersweet

Last Night in the Bittersweet is Paolo Nutini's most musically expansive album to date, but it's his tender side that shines through the most

Album Review by Jamie Wilde | 29 Jun 2022
  • Paolo Nutini - Last Night In The Bittersweet
Album title: Last Night in the Bittersweet
Artist: Paolo Nutini
Label: Atlantic Records
Release date: 1 Jul

Paolo Nutini’s return to music has been long awaited. Now, he returns with his most musically expansive album to date – Last Night in the Bittersweet. Finding himself writing more on bass guitar, tracks like Lose It, Acid Eyes and Led Zeppelin-esque opener Afterneath channel a new side to Nutini that’s both dark and enticing. However, other tracks like Petrified in Love and Desperation fall into the bracket of mediocre indie bangers – they lack in authenticity and would’ve been better saved for a super deluxe edition release.

But, it is undoubtedly the tender side to Nutini that shines through the most here. Through the Echoes is tear-inducing with its achingly beautiful choruses and is arguably his best track to date. Radio is also a hook-laden delight while the anthemic Everywhere shows Nutini in the lineage of Otis Redding with his trademark soulful vocals.

The album’s vast soundscapes show shades of psychedelia with soul, folk, rock and indie across its 16 tracks. Occasional spoken word excerpts add nice intimate touches with themes of love, heartache and introspection at the forefront of Nutini’s endearing lyrics. It's not faultless, but Nutini still glimmers with magic on this magnetic new record.

Listen to: Through the Echoes, Radio, Everywhere