Lime Garden – One More Thing

Brighton four-piece Lime Garden show signs of bigger things to come on debut album One More Thing

Album Review by Tara Hepburn | 12 Feb 2024
  • Lime Garden – One More Thing
Album title: One More Thing
Artist: Lime Garden
Label: So Young Records
Release date: 16 Feb

Lime Garden’s debut album One More Thing is full of wry lyrics and interesting sonic choices. Some of these musical experiments work better than others – such as the distorted vocals on Floor, a song about being stuck in your own head. Here the vocal processing sits over layered riffs and an unrelenting beat, adding to the claustrophobia the song speaks of.

You can feel the influence of bands like Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Cardigans in the energy and noise of this record. Popstar is a tight three-minute song about the drudgery of ordinary life when you feel made for bigger things ('I don’t want to work my job / This life is fleeting and I’m a popstar'). On the song’s soaring chorus, lead singer Chloe Howard’s droll delivery is framed by girl band-style backing vocals and scuzzy guitars. This combination is fun, and it really works.

One More Thing is the product of an accomplished band noodling around in the studio. There’s a playfulness and creativity here that promises bigger and better things from the Brighton four-piece in the future. As far as debut albums go, this is a promising one.

Listen to: Popstar, Fears, Nepotism (baby)