Omni – Deluxe

Album Review by Duncan Harman | 23 Jun 2016
  • Omni – Deluxe
Album title: Deluxe
Artist: Omni
Label: Trouble in Mind
Release date: 8 Jul

Sprightly lo-fi pop of indeterminable vintage – Deluxe could have been recorded in 1981 just as much as 2016 – there’s little that’s revolutionary to the Atlanta trio’s debut, but it does tick plenty of other boxes. Immediate and uninhibited, this is a record full of oddly pleasing angles – it’s perhaps what the Strokes would sound like if they ditched their cloying slickness and music as marketing shtick.

The rhythm section never tries too hard, Philip Frobos’ vocals recline across the ten tracks with languid urgency, but it’s former Deerstalker guitarist Frankie Boyles who steals the show, forming art rock cadences on Eyes on the Floor and the dancey grind of Siam, and drenching Wire in so much jangly guitar you’d expect him to be signed to Postcard Records. Clocking in at just half an hour it’s over way too quickly, but then again, the finer things often are.