Objekt – Cocoon Crush

After a four year absence, Objekt returns to PAN with Cocoon Crush. The Berlin-based artist's sophomore album introduces yet another side to his multifaceted sound

Album Review by Michael Lawson | 29 Oct 2018
Album title: Cocoon Crush
Artist: Objekt
Label: PAN
Release date: 9 Nov

TJ Hertz is perhaps the most complete artist in electronic music today. As Objekt, the Berlin-based producer’s sound has developed from the early post-dubstep wobbles of his eponymous debut releases, through to the stunning sound design of 2014's Flatland, the electro-IDM genius of Ganzfeld and his most commercial-sounding record in last year’s Theme From Q.

He now returns to boundary-pushing experimental imprint PAN with Cocoon Crush, his second full-length offering and one that showcases yet another side to his ever-evolving sound. While Flatland – his debut LP and only previous release on PAN – masterfully crafts a synthetic, ultra-textured parallel universe, Cocoon Crush is more concerned with real-world elements and introspection. 

The most enjoyable tracks are those rooted in organic sounds. Rest Yr Troubles Over Me, with its sombre bells and muffled vocoder vocals, imbues a sense of genuine unease to the extent that it feels like it’s been plucked from a Black Mirror score. Similarly, Dazzle Anew is tinged with a kind of Far Eastern futurism, while the hyper-sensitised Nervous Silk is the track that most wilfully fits PAN’s deconstructed club aesthetic. Not quite Hertz’s most dazzling work, but another string to the bow for one of electronic music’s most intriguing artists.

Listen to: Dazzle Anew, Nervous Silk, Rest Yr Troubles Over Me